It with heavy heart that I tell you Beyond the Black Suit is coming to an end. I have to make a decision and I am choosing my career.

I absolutely love my job. I love my DA, I love helping people, I love seeking justice, and I love knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives. I want to continue putting other people first and unfortunately I have learned it is impossible to have a social media presence at the same time. I understand that some things are more important than us and I hope and pray each day that I will continue to be a part of something bigger than me; something that brings peace and goodness to the community that I love.

It breaks my heart to shut down the site I started in law school; that helped me through the first year of my career, answered so many questions about law school to potential lawyers, showed all that prosecutors are on the side of the angels, taught you jury duty is important because we need good honest people there, and impressed upon you that just because you have an office job doesn’t mean you have to dress in only a black suit.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and helped me on this journey. I will truly never forget your kindness and support. You are wonderful and beautiful human beings and I cherish each moment.

Remember, even if you’re young or feel like you’re over your head at work, a baby shark is still a damn shark. Be proud of what you do and love yourself.

With love,